About This Site

This website was created as an experimental "playground" for exploring the development of Drupal 8 websites at all levels—from front-end design, all the way down to Linux system administration, and hardware. My goals are to learn as much as I can about all aspects relating to the creation and operation of a Drupal 8 website, and to have fun in the process. DISCLAIMER: I really enjoy exploring new software and hardware technologies. As a result, this site might not always be run in the most practical means possible. ;-)

I have this website operating from my home-based Ubuntu server, with the goal of making it as fast and efficient as possible. Although I'm more familiar with Apache, the site is currently alternating between being served by nginx and Apache, with Percona Server (a drop-in replacement for MySQL) used for the database. I've added a CloudFlare layer on top of that to utilize their DNS and security features, as well as the possibility of making the site available in the event of Internet connection loss, or the cats stepping on the power switch.

I'm also playing around with other future possibilities in my mind, such as operating this site from a Raspberry PI 3 I recently acquired. While obviously not the best choice for a high-traffic website, the Raspberry PI 3 seems like it would have plenty of computing power to keep a personal website like this one going. Its power efficiency is attractive, and opens up some intriguing and nerdy possibilities, such as designing and operating a custom solar-powered website system.